Inspiration Comes First

Prodesign Denmark has exactly what you are looking for, from light weight, colorful, stainless steel frames to chunky ,acetate, geek chic frames.  Strongly rooted in classic Danish design, they dare to be bold and optimistic, creating award winning quality product with an aesthetic appeal, always with a little twist of something surprising. Their philosophy is to deliver frames that are not only beautiful design objects, but also enhance and accent your best facial features.  They strive to create eyewear that dresses the face without demanding all the attention, to complete and enhance the lines of the face.  The critics have responded by awarding Prodesign for their outstanding design with the V Award 2011 for best optical frame.  Check out where the inspiration for the Prodesign Iris frame comes from and then come and see them in person at Unique Optique.

Eyewear for the irreverent and slightly jaded

Every 8 seconds, someone turns 40. (Yes, even your very own optometrist!) Eyes over the age of 40 begin to lose their flexibility which makes focusing at close range more difficult (also called presbyopia).  No, you don’t need longer arms, more light or a menu written in larger type. Diet, exercise and cryogenics will not stave off this condition.

We hate to break it to you, but reading glasses are inevitable.

Now the good news!  You are not doomed to wander the racks of drugstore readers in search of the least ugly pair of cheaters.  You’re stylish, smart and a little bit sarcastic and your eyewear should be too.  Eyebobs are reading glasses for the irreverent and slightly jaded.

We’ve got EyeBob styles and colors to suit every mood, from dignified classics to big, bold and bright, from the avant garde to buttoned-up conservative, all with a slightly tongue-in-cheek attitude.  We’ve also got sunglass readers to keep you looking stylish while reading outdoors.  Be the envy of younger eyes everywhere with your funky glasses!

Eyebobs firmly believes that your style should be sharp, even if your vision isn’t. Come get yours at Unique Optique.

Faces of MYKITA, Making a difference not just by being different.

MYKITA is a frame company based out of Berlin, Germany.  A clear design coupled with excellent quality and a huge potential for innovation have helped make MYKITA a major name on the international eyewear market. MYKITA is best known for it’s patented hinge which uses no screws, but simply a spiral of stainless steel. The frame designs are avant-garde, individual and unmistakable.  Adding totheirwhimsey, the name MYKITA is derived from “Kita” (an abbreviation for Kindertagesstätte) and is a reference to their first premises in a former day nursery.

MYKITA’s employees are the life and soul of the organization, so here is how the employees describe MYKITA.


*M for modern, Y for young, K for kind, I for integrity, T for teamspirit, A for amazing.

*The kind of company I always wanted to be a part of: young, dynamic, chaotic, lovely in it’s own way.

*Friendly and uncomplicated, advanced in design and ideas.

*A bunch of imaginative people who are trying to make a difference not just by being different.

*The victory of good design over evil trash.

*”My-Kita“ too. Playing with faces creates a new way of seeing life!

* Imagination, freedom and smiles.

*Creative chaos, innovation due to a childlike explorers’ urge, fearlessness for big goals and ideas, elegance through reduction.

*Art! Bringing the 21st century onto peoples’ noses and into their minds.

*Interaction of artistry and utility.

Come on in to Unique Optique and form your own MYKITA opinion.

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