Prevention of Makeup Injuries and Infections


Eye injuries and infections from using makeup improperly happen all too often. Department store and drugstore makeup aisles are filled with a tempting array of makeup colors and products for the eyes. But knowing how to apply and remove eye makeup properly will not only make your eyes beautiful, but will protect your vision as well.
Where should make up NOT be applied?
The area to avoid is the flat part of your eye on the inside of your lash lines. “The most important glands are right there on the eyelid margin, and if you block those, you’re blocking the natural secretion of the oils which protect you from having dry eyes. You could also get styes caused by bacteria,” says Dr. Resnick, a New York based optometrist. You don’t have to give up inside eyeliner entirely, just limit it to once a week or so to be safe. “And if you are going to wear makeup, make sure you get it all off at night.”

Where ELSE should makeup NOT be applied?

To prevent poking yourself in the eye with an applicator, NEVER apply makeup while you are in a moving vehicle.

What should contact lens wearers know about makeup?

Consider switching to daily disposable contacts to avoid product and debris buildup. Steer clear of oil-based eye makeup removers. “They can make lenses blurry and uncomfortable because the oils will lay on the surface of tears. So, when you wake up in the morning, residue will attach to the contacts when you put them in,” explained Dr. Resnick. Be sure to rub your contact lenses gently but thoroughly before storing them (even if your solution says no-rub) to get rid of any makeup that might be lingering.

What are some general tips for makeup?

Sharpen pencil eyeliners before each use for a clean, fresh surface. Opt for powder eye shadows–creamy textures tend to hold more bacteria. Don’t let uncovered liners roll around in your purse! Keep the caps on tight. Of course, replace your mascara and eyeliner every three months.

Woman applying mascara

Applying Makeup

Removing Makeup

At night, remove all eye makeup, especially mascara that can stick to the lashes. Use a clean cotton swab to brush along the base of the eyelashes to get the last resistant debris of eye makeup off. If you use an eye makeup remover, be sure not to get any in your eye. When you are done, rinse the remover off your eyelids completely to avoid possible irritation of the eye or lids.

Thanks,  Glamour Magazine

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