Peroxide as Contact Lens Cleaner

Many contact lens wearers have lens discomfort, either burning, dryness, stinging, lens awareness. Hydrogen peroxide solutions (namely Clear Care) can solve all of these issues. We tend to think of hydrogen peroxide as a potent disinfectant but in fact, it breaks down into water and oxygen.

hydrogen_peroxide_decompositionResearch has shown that 3 percent hydrogen peroxide effectively disinfects the microbes, bacteria and a broad variety of other pathogens that adhere to a contact lens during a wearing cycle. The challenge was to develop a lens disinfecting system in which the peroxide would be neutralized in a reasonable period, so that patients could apply their lenses the next day without risking adverse effects. Fortunately, industry found a way to combine disinfection efficacy with rapid neutralization.

Clear Care solution combines a surfactant cleaner and functional wetting agent with peroxide in a single bottle, which makes it easier for patients and provides enhanced disinfection. It has a 6-hour neutralization period and disinfected lenses can be stored for up to 7 days. ClearCare

As we know, there are differences in products and “inactive” ingredients may change how they work. One important difference between Clear Care and the generic peroxides is the addition of a surfactant cleaner to Clear Care solution. This cleaner has a detergent-like action that reduces surface tension and helps remove contaminants and improves surface wettabilty.

We want to make residual peroxide (peroxide left after the disinfection process) as low as possible.  Doing so will allow more comfortable, happy eyes in the greatest number of our patients.  Ideally, we want no residual peroxide, which may not always be possible, but the less we have, the better it is for patients. Clear Care solution has a low 20 ppm residual peroxide. Our bodies do have ways of dealing with residual peroxide, but some eyes deal with it better than others. Dry eyes, for example, may not handle it as well as a thick, robust tear film that dilutes the residual peroxide.

Peroxide produces the lowest levels of corneal staining of any of the lens care solutions. Burning and stinging were linked to increased staining. Patients with staining had poorer comfort scores during the day and at the end of the day.

Clear Care is the only solution that Unique Optique actively recommends. Come in for a sample and see for yourself the beauty of peroxide!

Thank you to Contact Lens Spectrum.

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