Taijitu Christian


From the outside, Christian looks polished, professional and with his act firmly together. On the inside, he is a daredevil and a risk-taking enigma.

Every day, Christian comes to work styled in a suit and a tie. Yet he has bungee jumped over Victoria Falls in Africa.

Christian has worked in optics for 5 years, both as an optician and a lab technician. Yet he has finished a Tough Mudder, complete with crawling through mud military style with live electrical wires dangling overhead.

Christian graduated from McDaniel College with a degree in Political Science and International Studies. Yet he lived and studied in a Zimbabwe village for 5 months.

Christian is meticulous in his design of lens materials and coatings for each patient. Yet his life goal is to have a completely full passport.

Christian is an avid believer in the principles from How To Win Friends and Influence People. Yet he enjoys extreme activities like skydiving and scuba diving.

Come to Unique Optique to meet Christian. He will carefully listen to your spectacle wants and needs, design your glasses impeccably and do it all with panache.

Excellent Erica

ImageErica is one of ‘those’ girls.  You know the kind, the kind that guys take home to meet their mothers on the first date, the kind who come up with the great retort in the moment instead of 3 hours later, the kind who has it together and you can tell just by the way she quirks her head.  She is not your average chick.  She is real and not afraid of life. Erica excels in nursing school at night while giving her all during the day to Unique Optique. She deals with adversity with ease and grace. What does she do when her dog Baxter eats her calendar? She takes a picture. As a former interior designer, Erica had to think with both sides of her brain.  With her artistic side, she has already established our Unique Optique Pinterest page and did our 50s inspired window display. With her scientific side, she pre-tests patients with efficiency and skill.  Welcome, Erica!

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